Hello beautiful people of Hive! It's been over 2 months since I posted my introduction here on hive.I know I should've created a post in celebrating my 1st and 2nd month here. But just so you know, I'm not really good in celebrating monthsaries, even in my relationship. HAHAHAHA.


Good thing I stumbled in this post of @livinguktaiwan that invites users to share their journey and experience here on Hive. I have posted several blogs which I stated my experience with Hive together with my co-members. But I feel the need to make this blog and to participate in this great initiative of @livinguktaiwan. By the way, if you wish to participate you can click here to see the rules of this contest. Yes, this is also a contest but with a great purpose and such a fun thing to do.


Before anything else, I want to share with you how I ended up here on Hive. I already mentioned it to my intro post but I would love to mention in here again with a little background story. (I hope you won't mind.) I used to work in a chain of restaurants as a Manager. Yes, I was a Restaurant Manager and I'm very hands-on in our day to day operation. I can't remember exactly where was the first time I met @purepinay but she surely made herself remarkable to me. Aside from the fact that she looked like one of my friends she's also very kind and soft-spoken. She also made friends with some of my staff and she does go to that restaurant all the time. One time, she posted a photo with my staff. She tagged my staff and it was reposted. It's when I found her account and followed her in Instagram. I noticed that she does blog but the platform was very unfamiliar to me so I didn't really read her posts. Fast forward to June 8 this year, she messaged me thru IG and asked if I'm still connected to the restaurant chain. That time, I was already in Negros Oriental working as a Restaurant Manager but not part of the chain. I got interested about what she told me about the platform and I always wanted to blog (I used to have a blog but I deleted it.) It was a bit of a struggle because she explained it to me thru chats and she sent me some articles to read and to learn more about Hive. A month after that I decided to move back here in Cebu. We met personally in her condo and discussed to me some parts of Hive. She then added me in the group chats and everyone welcomed me so warm. Gilaine also helped me in making my intro but she said it was good already and I can post it anytime.

So, I posted my introduction. I honestly got some chills after posting because I was so scared if what I'm doing was right at all. But after an hour or two, comments and upvotes were flooding in my notifications. I was so happy with all the support from basically strangers that time. All the "welcome to Hive." messages felt amazing. After my intro post I decided to post more blogs such as food related, my yoga journey and also some of my travels. They were all very well accepted and loved by a lot of people. I also got active in engaging to the users here on Hive and to the rest of our team.


At first, I was not quite sure about sharing my thoughts and ideals about Veganism here in this platform but after posting some vegan related blogs and plant-based recipes it received some quite recognition. Nothing makes me happy aside from people commenting "OMG, that looks delicious." or "How to make that?" Hive have many different communities for almost everything which gives readers an option so explore different users with similar content. It's one thing I like about this platform. You can click a community and you can find so much contents similar to yours.


Yoga is also something that I enjoy and I'm quite surprised that I found a lot of yogis here. I thought they will mostly be in mainstream social media but I was wrong. My yoga journey and yoga posts were appreciated very well. It makes me happy that Hive does not only gives people a platform to share their knowledge and expertise but also helps users to be inspired by those posts. I was so delighted to know that some of my co-members are very into yoga and we will hopefully be doing yoga together soon.




I've enjoy my time here on Hive. I get inspiration from a lot of people. Their blogposts expand my imagination. The places I see from outside my country is always amazing and makes me think to visit. Also seeing the places they shared which I've been makes me reminisce the time and memories when I was there. Traveling is one of the topic I share most in my page. A lot of us wants to travel especially due to this pandemic, it stopped us from doing so. Good thing we can share our pre-pandemic trips (or even our current trips despite of the pandemic)and experiences here on Hive. It could somehow help us to look back and think about the good old days. It's also a good way to give people a virtual tour of their place or country.

I always wanted to write. I wanted to blog. That's why I started to blog years ago but never got the energy and motivation to pursue it further. Now, that I am in this platform and I must say I'm enjoying it very well. My imagination is always wandering what to post next. My brain is always thinking what content should I make. What recipe should I share and what travel should I write about. Hive motivates me to do something great to share to the world. I sometimes excessively rereading my draft before posting just to make sure my blog is worthy, it's informative and it can inspire others.


There's so many things to love about Hive aside from earning. After establishing my niche in the platform I was able to established relationships too. With the guidance and great ingenuity of @purepinay we were able to create a warm, positive, kind and loving community. With her generosity in sponsoring meet-ups we were able to get connected with the people I met on Hive. We got the chance to see each other and share our stories. I've been on Hive for 2 months now but the people I met here felt like I've known them forever. Because of Hive I was able to create meaningful friendships. I'm now a part of a family full of talented, kindhearted, thoughtful, affectionate and goal-oriented people. I know I sounded really cliché but I will always be grateful being a part of this platform. I have been consistently posting content in my social media accounts but I have never been appreciated the way I'm appreciated here on Hive. My content is valued. My content genuinely inspire others. My content is solely mine.

I am filled with gratitude to be a part of Hive. It helps me mentally. Mentally because instead of getting anxious and depressed with what's happening in the world, my attention, focus and time is diverted to Hive. To create more valuable, meaningful and inspiring contents. Aside from that, mentally because I was able to meet so amazing people that gives me nothing but pure bliss, encouragement and kindness. I would love to take this opportunity to give them a huge shoutout. To @purepinay, @explorewithsasha, @sassycebuana, @gerel, @cheerupwithjl, @itmiessyonpeakd, @jongcl, @morenatravels, @gwenfinity, @swaycanete, @meysa @jeennicious, @filipinajourney and @ybanezkim26 I beyond blessed to be able to know you through Hive.



To @ate.eping , @carlito.writes, @charisse.craves and @hannahs.journey it was nice to finally meet you and I can't wait to get to know you more through our meet-ups, events and get together soon.



And to all the people that I interacted here on Hive please know that I absolutely mean when I say "Hope to see you soon!" or when I leave a comment saying like "Your post is inspiring/motivating/amazing/great.".


To everyone behind Hive, thank you. You did a great job in providing us a platform that we feel supported and valued! I can't wait to grow in this community. Sending everyone some love and light! Have a great day!


DISCLOSURE: Some of the photos in this blog are from @gerel and @itmiessyonpeakd. Thank you so much guys for allowing me to share your photos.