Growing up in the Philippines means you have to eat rice in every meal. Rice for breakfast, rice for lunch, rice for dinner and even sometimes rice for snacks. If you wish to avoid rice in one meal, this blog is for you. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day but for some it doesn't have to be heavy all the time.

Since turning Vegan, my breakfast are mostly oatmeal, granola, smoothie or toasts. In my previous blog I shared to you the different ways to enjoy Avocado Toast ( In this blog I'll share to you my other go to toast. It's very simple to make and packed with flavor and nutrients.


Making this toast is so easy and doesn't require much time and skills in the kitchen. Here's all you need.


You can always replace the apple with any other fruit you prefer. Banana is great substitute.

Here's how it's done.


If you have a toaster, feel free to use it. But since I don't, a sauté pan is good enough.


While waiting for your toast you can do this. You don't have to finish the entire apple. You can save it for later or you can make more toasts.


Spread the peanut butter evenly. Spread as thin or as thick as you want. There's no rules here.


You can just let the apple lay flat on the toast or overlap it to each other. You can do whatever you feel like. Feel free. You can also replace goji berries with other dried fruits. You could either put cranberries, apricots, strawberries or dates.


Lastly, sprinkle that little superfood in your toast.

There you have it guys, another simple and easy toast for breakfast that you could make quickly. I hope you will give this toast a try and if you do, don't forget to share it.

PS. I had 4 toasts. Don't be fooled.