The last time I went here to practice was July this year. Though I've been practicing in the comfort of my home, there's something special about practicing in an actual studio especially with good friends with great energies.




I have mentioned in My Yoga Journey about Kate who influenced me to practice yoga. When I moved to Dauin, a few months after that, Kate also moved to Negros. Now, that I'm back here in Cebu we rarely see each other. After knowing she's in town for a week, I messaged her. She told me she'll be teaching for a few days at Bliss and she invited me to come. I didn't know her sister Marj and her friend Justine were also coming. We were so happy to see each other and practice together. There were other students as well who joined the class.




We started our practice with some meditation, some stretching, and went to some more elaborate. It was a very sweaty practice for me because I sweat a lot and my place in the studio was directly hit by the sunlight which was fine for me. Who doesn't like some vitamin D together with some good yoga? It was such a great practice knowing that I personally know the teacher, my friends were also there and the collective energy we shared was just amazing.

This photo is from Jo of Bliss Yoga Cebu.

We also practiced some headstands. It's been a while since I practiced my headstands but I'm proud I was able to hold it quite some time. We did try doing the backdrop. Which is standing straight and bending back all the way to Wheel Pose. I tried it. It was scary at first but Kate assisted me. Kate always incorporates yoga into our daily lives. She said that once we let go of the fear, it's when we achieve things in life. Don't hold back but also know where is your limit not to hurt yourself in the process.


After our practice, we took some group photos with friends and I asked Kate to take photos of my headstands. I reminisce the time when I was still practicing my headstands before in the studio where I always fall or Kate will assist me to make sure I won't fall. This time I can hold it much longer and I can say that I'm more stable than ever.






It was such a great way to spend time with friends, keep myself in check, practice gratitude, manifest our goals in life, and most importantly give myself some time on the mat. Do you also practice yoga? Let's practice soon! Namaste.πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ


Bliss is located in Vivo Axis Building in Escario, Cebu City. For bookings and class schedules you can contact them here.