If it's not obvious enough, I'm into Yoga. Before anything else I'm not here to define or go all "yoga guru" to anyone of you. I'm here to share to you my yoga journey. I want to share to you how I ended up in the mat and discover that I could make amazing poses and shapes using my body.

Back in 2014, when I'm still renting a small room in Mandaue, it's where I first practice yoga but honestly I'm not even sure if what I did that time was right. I clearly remembered that I got into yoga after reading a Huffpost article that says it could help me manage my anger, anxiety and stress. Work that time was really demanding and sometimes the pressure get the best of me that lead me to get angry in small things. In that same article includes the photos of yoga poses that is perfect for beginners like me. I practiced and followed those poses for a while and it obviously helped me in managing my life. A few months after that my sister and I decided to get a house in Talisay and due to the busy schedule, adjusting to the new environment and commute life, I halted my practice.


Five years after that, a friend of mine opened a yoga studio in Cebu. She keeps on insisting that I should practice with her in her studio. Several of my friends were into yoga and they also encouraged me but I kept on declining because my work schedule was really tight and I find it difficult to fit it in my schedule. Thankfully, the persistence of my friend, Kate who owned the yoga studio paid off and I attended one of her class with my girlfriend. After that class I was so grateful that I made time to practice yoga again. Honestly, it took me another few months to practice again.


When the pandemic hit, it was when I got back into yoga. I was consistent more than ever that there were days that I practice twice. It was October 2020 that I started practing with Kate in Bliss Yoga Cebu. I even participated in all the yoga challenges of Bliss and won in one of those challenges. January 2021 came and I was in Dauin, Negros Oriental already for the preparation of the opening of Anahaw Cafe and Yoga Studio. When I arrived in Dauin, I was quarantine for 14 days. I kept on practicing while on quarantine, watching Youtube videos and sometimes just practicing on my own and doing my own flow. After my quarantine, I was able to practice even more. I was so blessed to worked for Anahaw that has a yoga studio. I was able to attend all the class I want or I can practice on my own. There are time I practice at home or even outdoors.




This is the the Yoga Challenge that I won.



For some, yoga can be really intimidating because they have seen very difficult poses that only people who practiced for years can achieve or someone who have dedicated their lives in yoga. But honestly, its not about the poses but it's more about the mindfulness. Being mindful how your body reacts in different situation not only in practice but also in life. It's being aware of the all your senses and just living in the moment. It's about practicing to breathe in difficult situation. Gratefulness is something I learned in my yoga journey. I have met amazing people in the yoga community and it helped me so much in building myself and made me who I am today. Beyond grateful that my friends are into yoga as well. Our common interest in yoga make us even closer to each other. I hope I will be able to practice with you guys soon.