Dumaguete is considered to be my second home. It's the capital City of Negros Oriental and can be access through sea travel or by air coming from Cebu. This city is very reach of culture and history. After graduating Highshcool, I moved to the City of Gentle People to take my bachelors degree. My sister and brother's family were there already when I moved there. Though, the city is very new to me, having my siblings there made it bearable.

This boulevard was named after Philippines' National Hero Dr.Jose Rizal. It was known that when Rizal stayed in Dumaguete he used to stroll in this area.

I only spent 2 years in my university and moved to a different school in Roxas City, Capiz. After I graduated in college I moved to Cebu and it also brought me closer to my 2nd home.

Dumaguete is very close to my heart that's why I always go there on my day-offs or if I have days for vacation. I also have few friends there from my university. Though, I just moved back here in Cebu after working for several months in Dauin (same province where Dumaguete is), I needed to go back for work but it ended up as a quick vacation trip. My girlfriend came with me to renew her passport and we used our extra time to catch-up with friends, visit some restaurants and stroll in the famous Rizal Boulevard.

We stayed in Flying Fish because it's one of the cheapest place we could find. We know for the fact that we won't be staying in all the time so we decided to stay there.



We had lunch in Hayahay which is a restaurant fronting the ocean where you can also see the island of Cebu. I had Vegetable Curry with rice while my girlfriend had Grilled Oysters and Garlic Shrimps. We were too hungry to take photos of our meal.

After lunch we went to The Coffee Collective located in The Henry Hotel. We killed some time there. We both needed to sit down for a bit and do some work while having drinks. She had the V60 Coffee and I had the Iced Matcha Soy Latte. (I'm not really a fan of coffee.😅)
We also ordered their pancakes which were so fluffy and served with fresh strawberries, banana and vanilla ice cream. Of course, I only had the fruits.😂


I'm not really a fan of coffees unlike my girlfriend so I usually get Matcha whenever we go to coffee shops.

When I said very fluffy, I really mean it, LOOK.AT.THAT.!

Squeezed in some work.✌️✌️✌️

My girlfriend always insist to take photos of me so I just pose for the camera. Why not, right? It's a blessing.

After hanging out for hours and a little work at The Coffee Collective we decided to go back to Flying Fish to take a short nap before we head to Sibulan to have dinner with former co-workmates/friends.

It's been years since the last time we hang-out together.

The last time we were in Dumaguete was when Bella, our friend's daughter turned 1 and now she's 3.

Shandee and Jelli May

Time for a group selfie.

The next day we had breakfast in Beyond Plants. It's one of the newly opened plant-based restaurant in Dumaguete. They used to have a small area fronting the Rizal Boulevard but they moved and turned it into a full service restaurant.

We ordered several items from the menu. Vegan Tapa Silog, Barbecue Mushroom Wings, Taco Trio Mamba, Ube and Truffle Croissat and for drinks we had Beet the Heat Smoothie and Strawberry Passionfruit Calamansinade

Mandatory photo before we dig in.

Interesting about this taco is that they use activated charcoal in making their tortilla.

The oozing ube cream from that croissant. FYI, this is not vegan.😥

Our croissants and our drinks. The other croisant was truffle but we weren't able to take photo when we opened it.

Closer look of the Barbecue Mushroom Wings.

My Vegan Silog Tapa comes with eggs and brown rice. Perfect with the pink vinegar on the side.

My girlfriend have to leave the day after that so we went to the port to get the swab test. It was very quick and gave us more time to go around.

As planned, we visited Anahaw, the previous restaurant that I worked for in Dauin. She said that she'll only gonna come to Anahaw if I make her smoothies myself. Who am I not to obliged, right? Hahahaha

She had the Green Machine and I had the Berry Mango. Also gave here a little tour of the place and introduced to some of my friends that were present during our visit. We also checked Bongo Bongo Divers (the place where I quarantined last January.)


The Green Machine before the toppings.

I personally made these smoothie bowls for us. Proud to say that these are my master pieces.

So pretty!😍😍😍



Another selfie before we leave.

We didn't brought swimming clothes so we just took a photo of what we missed instead.

We ended our day by going back to Sibulan to have dinner with our friends again. It was quite a long trip coming from Dauin but it's worth it since we rarely see them.

The day after was my girlfriends schedule for her passport renewal also our check-out day from Flying Fish before anything else we did a morning stroll along the Rizal Boulevard and had breakfast in Dumaguete Public Market.







After the stroll, we decided to try the food offerings in the public market.

My girlfriend sending some peace to everyone.


We had budbud, puto and sikwate. Very traditional Bisaya/Cebuano breakfast.

I also had a pandesal and freshly cooked bihon.


So amazed with the size of this pandesal. Just look at that, it's as big as my palm.

We left the hostel and went directly to Robinsons Dumaguete to grab lunch and just roam around to kill some time.

After her appointment, we went straight to the port. It was the first time she be traveled by herself. She's afraid and I am too but I believed she should experience it. Thankfully she made it home in Cebu alive. Ahhahahaha

I'm so happy that we were able to travel outside Cebu even just for a few days. I was able to introduced her to my friends in Dauin, to show around Dumaguete, we were able to meet some old friends we haven't seen for ages and most especially we were able to spend time together.



See you soon Hivers!