Disclaimer, I'm not a K-drama fan but I admire those people who have all the energy and time to watch K-Drama non-stop. I watch a few Korean Shows before such as The Kingdom and It's Okay Not To Be Okay and it's the only shows I watched from start to finish. I also watched the movie Parasite which was really interesting. Watching the shows and movie made me realize how Koreans are very connected with their food. I love how food are incorporated in their productions. They always eat together and enjoy their meal with a bottle of soju.

During the early days of lockdown, researching for new dishes was one of the things I love to do. I thought it'll be difficult to make Korean food vegan but apparently a lot of Korean dishes are vegan and can be veganized easily. Say for example the Dubujorim which is also my personal favorite. Its a spicy braised tofu with lots of onions and onion chives. Its usually serve as a side dish for Samgyupsal but can also be consumed as it is with plain rice but I opt for corn grits because I don't eat rice tat time. I learned making this recipe through a Korean Youtuber Maangchi. You can check the video tutorial here

. It's very simple, easy but very flavorful.



Another dish which I enjoy to make is Yachaejeon or best described as Vegetable Pancake.


you can find the recipe and video tutorial here

Koreans, just like any other Asians, love noodles. One of the most popular noodle dishes are Japchae and Jajangmyeon. Both dishes are traditionally cooked with meat but since I'm a vegan, I omit the meat and replace it with mushrooms.


I was inspired to make this dish after watching several videos of Maangchi making Korean dishes. You can find the recipe of the Japchae here


This is by far the most challenging Korean dish I made because I replaced some ingredients with what's available in my kitchen and I don't know what it supposed to taste like. For the recipe you can find it here



I enjoyed making these dishes. I made so much Yachaejeon for my friends that when I left for Negros they'll message me and tell me how much they misses it. I was also surprised that I got into cooking Korean dishes out of all the cuisines out there. I have several recipes on my list that I will have to try soon. I can't wait to share it with everyone.

PS I'll be making a separate blogs to show you my version of making these dishes. Stay tuned! Annyeong!