I'm pretty sure that this mountain has been visited by a lot of Cebuanos. It's very popular in Cebu and it's very accessible too. I got an idea of coming here after I saw an Instagram post about this mountain. The scenery is breathtaking and the structure of the mountain is very interesting. Mt. Manunggal is located in Balamban, Cebu. After reading several blogs and asking some people for their thoughts about the place, I asked my girlfriend to hike Mt. Manunggal. Pre-Covid times, we went there by riding a van in Ayala Center Cebu Terminal going to Balamban. We asked the driver to drop us off in the street going up to the mountain site. We then rode a motorcycle going to Mt. Manunggal Eco-Adventure where we can start our hike going to the peak. When we arrived we were asked to pay for entrance fee and introduced to our guide.



It was a rainy day when we went. It was drizzling but it stop from time to time. The pathway was muddy and slippery but it didn't stop us from going to the peak. It was a nice feeling to feel nature after so many days of work, to breathe fresh air, to feel the ground on the sole of your feet, to hear the chirping birds, and to be with nature overall. It was also a great time to create some memories with my girlfriend. We just started dating that time and I like to travel and hike a lot. I was glad she tagged along.





When we reached the peak of the mountain we were so mesmerized by its beauty. I've seen photos but it looked so much better in person. It was a gloomy day and dark clouds were everywhere but the scenery was just amazing. We were so blessed that our guide was so eager to take photos of us. I just gave him my phone and he just took photos of us as if he wasn't there. There were so many spots where you can stand or sit and take photos. We moved from one spot to another to have a different point of view of the place. We were so happy that we did the hike and it was one of our most memorable trips together.









We spent more or less an hour in the peak just to feel the environment and what it's like to be on the top of a mountain. We had conversations and some snacks but due to the rain pour, we decided to go down. We definitely enjoyed our hike despite the rain which made the path even muddier but because we were so happy to spend our time in the mountain together, it was all worth it.




Writing this down and reminiscing that hike makes me miss our constant travels before. I'm just glad that we were able to visit so many places together and can't wait to visit more. When was the last time you traveled with your special someone? Where was it? Care to share? See you in the comments!

Still remember this little flower I picked for her then she got upset when we lost it along the way.