Hello beautiful people of Hive! What have you been up to? Always remember that in whatever you decide to do today, be beautiful, stay beautiful because you are beautiful!

Anyways, yesterday I was in @purepinay's place with some new onboarded members and @jongcl's co-teachers and friends. I had to privilege to finally meet the faces behind the names of @ate.eping, @hannahs.journey , @carlito.writes and @charisse.craves. It was great to finally meet you guys! (This will be on another blog.) During this meet-up it reminded me that I wasn't able to share with you guys my previous meet-up with the @hivecebu team. We've been doing a lot of get-togethers and meet-ups this month and it really bond us together.


It was a lazy Sunday morning, day before that we agreed that @itsmiessyonpeakd will drive us to @purepinay's place together with @cheerupwithjl. When we arrived @explorewithsasha and @gerel were almost done preparing our food. The dishes were personally made by @purepinay and @gerel. One thing I like about our meet-ups in Gil's place is that she always make sure to make something special for the occasion. She put so much time and effort for everyone to enjoy. We waited for some of our friends to arrive while we catch-up and updated each other about the happenings in our lives in amd out of Hive. We then set the food in the table.


Gil cooked Baked Spaghetti and Spaghetti Aglio Olio which was specially made for me since I can't eat meat. Gil and Gerel also made pizza from scratch. They also made one for me without cheese. My heart is always happy aside from the fact that the food is delicious but also because they put so much effort and thought in making sure I have something to eat in our meet-ups.

The half no cheese pizza for me with fresh basil from @purepinay's garden.

The Aglio Olio. They even challenged me to finish it myself but unfortunately everyone liked it too and it was gone so fast.



@explorewithsasha also bought roasted chicken to be added in our spread!


Few minutes after, @sassycebuana and her daughter Kendra, @jongcl and @swaycanete arrived with some beers, a bouquet of flowers and a huge card. The bouquet of flowers and the card was for @purepinay as a thank you for all her efforts and guidance to all of us, her team members/friends/family. It was also something to uplift her spirit with all the things that surrounds her lately. She was so touched and happy with the gesture that she wasn't able to hold her tears. It only proves even more how real of a person she is, how she cares so much about our community and how genuine she is to all of us.




Anyways, before everyone cried that moment, we decided to make our tummy happy instead, so we ate! But before that, PICTURES!!! We can hear @itsmiessyonpeakd saying "Can we eat now?" hahhhaha






We then devoured to the food Gil and Gerel prepared. Everything was so delicious. There's something different when the food is prepared at home and prepared with love. We continued chit chatting, jokes thrown at each other and so much laughter. We heard a knock from the door and it was @meysa. She brought a homemade dessert which is very popular in her country, Iran. It was our first time to meet her because she's still in school and always busy. It was a fun lunch with the team and the food was really good. Now, I'm craving for that pizza and the pasta. hahhahaha

Gilaine also have some homemade apple pie which she made with her son and a lemon cake. One way to spend more time with your kid.

Tried my best to write this HIVE on the cake. Cake decorators, don't come after me please.

The Amazing Homemade Apple Pie.
This is the dessert @meysa brought. It's a rice pudding with dried edible roses, milk and honey.

After the degustation, we also planned about the 1st Halloween Party of the team. We spoke about the decorations, costumes, the venue, the contributions and assignments. As of this writing, I won't be able to attend because I won't be in Cebu on the date of the event. But I will make sure to do the best I can to make this event successful and to help whenever I can. Not that I'm bragging but our team is so diverse and well connected that this planning seems so easy. The line of communication is clear and everyone shares their inputs and comments if necessary. So proud and blessed to be around with these people.

This is the official poster of our Hivellowern Party created by our very own @sassycebuana.

Pretty ladies!



Perfectly captured by the best photographer @itsmiessyonpeakd.

After the discussion and since it will be a slow and chill meet-up, @cheerupwithjl planned to pamper the ladies of Hive.So, he brought some skin care products and facial masks. Writing this makes me laugh as I remember how we made fun of each other or the time JL put the mask to @explorewithsasha's face. hahahaha. We had so much fun conversations and big laughs during that meet-up. It's something that we always do either it's a small or big meet-ups. Some of us get tummy aches or jaws in pain due to excessive laughing. hahhahaha. The weather was really gloomy that day so Gerel offered everyone some coffee which she made personally since @purepinay have her own coffee machine. Gerel was so good in making coffee she even put some art into it.

Shoutout to @cheerupwithjl for pampering the ladies of Hive and giving us some self-care freebies. Thank you so much for your generosity!

It started to become normal that I usually leave before everyone else. hahahaha. But atleast they don't stop me from leaving. It was great seeing everyone and to finally meet @swaycanete and @meysa. Every meet-up is a chance to meet new Hive members and a chance to get to know them even more. I will forever be grateful to be a part of this community and to share my stories that will hopefully inspire and motivate others. See you on my next blog guys!


Disclosure: Photos were from @gerel's and @itsmiessyonpeakd's camera.