Found myself in HIVE- My Self-Introduction


Hello Hive world! My name is Klause but my parents, siblings and relatives call me Pipoy or Pogs. I know, my nickname is really far off from my real name and my parents can't seem to answer me why my nickname is Pipoy but as far as I know there was a famous Filipino celebrity before who was named Pipoy and I just assumed its from him. The nickname Pogs was sort of an innovation from Poy to Pogs. It was my cousins who made it up.


I was born and raised in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. I’m the fourth in five siblings and I’m a proud Cancer. I’m Vegan since 2017 after watching the Youtube Documentary “The Earthlings”. It changed the way I see animals and my relationship with food. I worked in the Food and Service Industry for 8 years. There was a time in my career that I was Vegan and have to sell animal-based products. It was a difficult time for me to have contradicting values but the only way for me to thrive is to coexist because we live in a non-vegan world. Until recently that I got hired to work for Anahaw. It's Vegan/Vegetarian friendly restaurant with a yoga studio. I am so grateful to worked for Anahaw. It helped me to continue practicing yoga and was able to share my smoothie bowl recipes in the menu. On my alone time I compose quotes in my notes or end up googling for vegan recipes.


Moving to Negros Oriental and working for Anahaw is one of the highlights of my life and Yoga is something that I'm constantly learning. I have been pushing myself to consistently practice and attend more classes. Discovering different cuisines and dishes which I can veganize is something I enjoy too. I save those recipes and whenever I have time to cook, I’ll give it a try or put my own twist to it.


Why @asasiklause?
After I graduated high school, I've been to several cities around Visayas. I spent 2 years in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental for my bachelors degree but I finished the rest of my degree in Roxas City, Capiz. After graduating in college, I moved to Cebu to look for a job then 8 years after I moved to Dauin, Negros Oriental. I spent almost 7 months in Dauin then decided to moved back to Cebu. I decided to name my blog as "Asa si Klause" which translates "Where is Klause?" because most of the time people can't seem to keep in track my location. When I was still working in the restaurant industry, people will always look for me because I'm almost everywhere and I can't update everyone my location which leads them to ask someone else "asa si Klause?"



How I found Hive?

Gilaine aka @purepinay introduced Hive to me. She contacted me through Instagram and told me that I should share my food photography talent here on Hive.

What am hoping to get out of Hive?

I’m hoping to get connected with like-minded, goal-oriented and smart content creators. I want to be a part of community which I know I could learn and experience.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Hive introduction post. I'd like to know you too, please say hi in the comment section and I would love to know your hobbies and passion.

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