When I switched into the Vegan Lifestyle, months prior to that I made tons of research. I researched the things that I should avoid and what should I eat. I live in the Philippines and this kind of lifestyle is not as main stream compared to other Western countries. The availability of vegan options are "limited". I put the word limited in a quotation because that's what I thought. The more research I made and stayed on the lifestyle I realized how blessed I am to be living in the Philippines with this lifestyle. My country is very rich in agriculture and we have so much access to the freshest vegetables and so much tropical fruits. Aside from all the vegan dishes I learned from the world wide web, I also managed to learn how to make smoothie bowls. There was a time that smoothie bowls was very popular in Instagram and several tourist spots in the Philippines made smoothie bowls as a must-try when visiting.

Most of the time I only make oatmeal bowls but after making it so many times, I got into smoothies. The toppings that I made for oatmeal bowls were also applicable in smoothie bowls. I tried different fruits and vegetables combination in making smoothies. Some were great, some were gross and not appealing at all.😂😂😂.


if you follow me on Instagram ( )you'll find a lot of smoothie and oatmeal bowls in there.

I mentioned in my intro post that I used to work for Anahaw, a vegetarian café and a yoga studio in Dauin, Negros Oriental. In their menu, they offer smoothies and smoothie bowls and I'm proud to say that those are my recipes and creations. Before, whenever I post a photo of an oatmeal or smoothie bowl in Instagram, people will ask where to get it or buy it and I'll respond to them that I only make it at home for myself. Some people will comment that I should sell it but unfortunately I never did. When my friend Sophia offered me a job in Anahaw, she also added that we should have my smoothies on their menu and I said yes. I personally created the smoothie recipes and curated a presentation for the bowls.

I'm beyond grateful that my bosses, colleagues and our customers love my smoothie bowls. Some patrons come back to Anahaw just for the smoothie and the compliments we get were always positive. It might seem to be a simple thing to make but it takes accuracy, patience and creativity to make the bowl beautiful. Here are the smoothie bowls I created for Anahaw.

This is the Green Machine

Flaming Pink

Berry Mango

and my personal favorite, Tropical Paradise

I stated in the title of this blog post as PT. 1 because I will be sharing here more of my projects soon. I want to share the creative things I have done and I'll be doing. Actually, I just recently finished a similar project in Bantayan and I'll be sharing it with you soon.

Discloure: Some of the photos were used and from anahaw's social media account and the social media management that handles the account.