On my birthday this year, my girlfriend and I went to Bantayan. It was our second time to visit Bantayan together. Her family is actually from Bantayan and she used to come here all the time when she was a kid while I visited the island before as a solo traveler.



A couple of my friends were on the island that time and I was told that they'll be staying in one of the resort near the beach which was Amihan Beach Cabanas. On that same evening, after our dinner we went to Amihan to check what they offer for breakfast but unfortunately they don't have Vegan options for breakfast but they have for lunch and dinner. We also discovered that the place is owned by someone who is very familiar to us. His family is our regular guest in one of the restaurant I used to work before.



I got in touch with him through IG to offer my smoothie recipes and fortunately he was very interested. We did a meeting and discussed about the project. We were able to materialized everything and I was able to acquire all the stuff needed to start the project.


I came up with three smoothie recipes for Amihan and I did the training to the staff as well. Here is our creation. (I say "our" because, we created it together with the staff.)



I called this bowl Sexy Strawberry with mango, banana and strawberry. I used the word "sexy" because there is something sexy about the word strawberry. I don't know if you get me.😂



I named this one Very Verde. Its a combination of mango and banana mixed with green spirulina powder. Some might think this is a weird color for food but this one actually taste good.



This bowl is the representation of what it feels like to live in the island, Tasty Tropics. Pineapple, mango and banana. I love how the flavors of these fruits combine and compliment each other.


This is Anjo, one of the staff of Amihan. He made this Tasty Tropics Smoothie Bowl on his own.

It was such a fulfilling thing to do. It's been a dream of mine to share my smoothies with friends and family. Soon they'll be able to try it in Bantayan. I will always be grateful for Amihan for giving me this opportunity to create and share my expertise to smoothie bowls. Though, this won't be available anytime soon because we decided to make an actual smoothie place. I hope you will be able to wait a couple more weeks until we finally launch these smoothie bowls. For now, just devour these smoothie bowls through the photos.