If you read my introduction post ( , I explained how I came up with my username @asasiklause and I came to realize that I haven't posted anything travel related. I have traveled several places this year and I want to share this one first.


We all experienced staying in our homes for a long period of time due to the pandemic and we all had this craving of traveling everywhere once the restrictions will be lifted. Well, in my case or in my friends case, we couldn't wait for this pandemic to be over to travel. (Yes, I have to do the swab test when I crossed Negros several times and my nose is used to it already) It doesn't have to be across the globe but somewhere around our province, somewhere unfamiliar and new to us is more than enough.


A few weeks ago, my friends from Deca Baywalk Warriors initiated that we should do a beach camp. Jason found a place in Medellin that caters campers by the beach. We booked it a night before, hopped in the car and left Talisay. It was decided right away by everyone that we will do it. It's a good thing that I made friends with people that have the same cravings for travel and quick trips. Yes, it was still MECQ that time but we made sure that we will be able to cross cities or municipalities.

When we arrived there it was just us and another group. We occupied the entire camping area while the other group was in the main house of the camp site. We were told by the caretaker that the night before it was full and we were so fortunate that on that day we had the entire place for our selves.


The camp site have a great overlooking view of the ocean and the Funtastic Island of Medellin. It was early afternoon when we arrived. We set-up our tent, sort out our stuff and bought necessary food items we might need for dinner and breakfast the next day. After all of that, we took photos in every corner of Pearl Beach Camp.



We definitely enjoyed the view so much. Watching the sunset and the clouds changing from bright to gloomy.


It was such a fun experience for us to get together and forget about the pandemic for a while. I'm always gonna be grateful that I met these people. The memories and stories that we share together will always be special.