Ever since I got into HIVE, I've always wanted to join the seminars, meet-ups and get-togethers. When I onboarded here on Hive it was just me and @purepinay unlike some of the members of the team who got to meet each other and got to hang-out. When I posted my introduction, I was welcomed so warmly by these strangers which was so weird at first for someone who could be socially-awkward but they made it less awkward. When I got added in the group chats it was also a bit off knowing that I didn't know anyone else aside from @purepinay .

Just recently, @purepinay organized a HIVE get together in her place which I was really excited. This was also a celebration of the 2nd month of the onboarding program. I was excited to meet the members of the Hive Cebu Bloggers Community. I was excited to know them personally and get the chance to hang-out and have fun with them.


We were told to come around lunch time. When I arrived @explorewithsasha and @gerel were still doing the barbecue. I arrived same time with @cheerupwithjl. We did some pre-chit chat in the barbecue before the arrival of everyone. We truly enjoy @purepinay's place because there's so much trees, flowers and plants around that we decided to hangout for a bit before going up to her condo unit.

I was told by @gerel and @purepinay that they will make me Pansit Guisado (Stir-fried Noodles) with vegetables only knowing that I'm vegan. I'm so happy and grateful that they were so thoughtful of the food to prepare because I was coming.


When we arrived in @purepinay's condo, we then started to prepare the food for the table while @gerel cook the Pansit Guisado for me. @purepinay also asked me to make them a smoothie bowl since she have some frozen and fresh fruits and some toppings for the smoothie. I was happy to obliged. This is what I came up with.




They surely enjoy the smoothie bowl. It with some frozen mixed berries, papaya and banana and topped with dried prunes, flaxseeds, chia seeds, sliced almonds, fresh banana, mint and fresh flower.

When @gerel finished cooking the Pansit, @cheerupwithjl helped me in placing the food to the table. Our theme was boodle fight. Our table was covered with huge banana leaves then we put the rice, barbecues, pansit and the rest of the food we have. We also added some flowers freshly picked by @purepinay. We also added the cake, munchkins, tea brought by the Hive Sisters and the chocolates of @explorewithsasha.


Before we finished setting up the food, the Sisters of Hive arrived. I opened the door for them, and I saw four beautiful ladies namely @sassycebuana , @morenatravels , @jongcl and @gwenfinity. We were like "Hi, Hello Nice to finally meet you blah blah blah" hahahaha it was a fun moment for us to finally see each other in person and not just only in group chats or on Hive. They were then entertained by @purepinay while we finished setting up. @itsmiessyonpeakd was the last one to arrived and the most excited to eat. hahahha


@purepinay, @explorewithsasha and I also made this infused water with lemon and cucumber slices added wit fresh mint leaves from @purepinay's garden





We then had lunch. @morenatravels brought some iced tea from her tea shop , Tea Cup. (check their FB page here

It was very refreshing and tasted great too. We took many photos of the food and took a group photo with everyone still with the food. We started eating and we also started to share some stories about ourselves. About our life outside Hive, our hobbies, interests and plans for the future. The more we talk the more we felt that its seems like we knew each other for a long time which in fact some of us just met less than 3 months. After our sumptuous lunch that unfortunately we weren't able to finish, we then proceed to some pampering and more chit chats.

When @cheerupwithjl arrived, he immediately set-up his make-up stuff ready to glam-up anyone. First one on the chair was @purepinay . I know for the fact that it will take forever to finish, my girlfriend does it too and I'm just there waiting.



While on the other side of the couch @explorewithsasha was pampering the nails of @sassycebuana followed by @morenatravels. While @gerel and @itsmiessyonpeakd were taking turns shooting some photos.



While all of these was going on @jongcl and I were in the balcony. We talked about life, our jobs, work experiences, family, HIVE experiences and so much more. She also asked me how I got into yoga. It was a lengthy conversation.




When @purepinay was done with her make-up I volunteered to take some photos of her. Here are some of the photos.




I needed to leave early because I had a prior commitment to have dinner with my friends. It was definitely a fun experience and surely one for the books. I was a day filled with great memories, laughter, awesome people, so much positivity, optimism and most importantly kindness. This team/group/community/family was created because of the great initiative of @purepinay and we will always be grateful for her kindness, generosity, positivity and leadership she impart to us. To Gil, thank you so much. I wouldn't be able to meet some amazing people and I wouldn't be able to have a platform to share my knowledge, my expertise, my stories, my passion and most importantly I wouldn't be a part of a community that shares so much similarity to my beliefs and lifestyle.

I can't wait for more meet-ups, get together and events with the Hive Cebu Team.





DISCLOSURE: All photos were from @gerel's camera. Took by either @gerel or @itsmiessyonpeakd.

PS I know I'm late for posting this meet-up.hehehehe.