A few days ago @jongcl came up with a brilliant idea on how to make HIVE a better place and get everyone connected. The best way to start it is by simply getting to know each other more in a deeper and meaningful way.

I'm honored to be one of the first few people who got tagged in The Creative Blogger Tag. For those who haven't read the post of @jongcl you can read it here.
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At first I was like "@jongcl, why me?" but then I realized I think it would be best for me to do it since I have so much time in my hands right now. So, without further ado here are the FIVE QUESTIONS @jongcl put together and my answers:

Question #1: Why did you choose such a username in Hive and how does your username represent who you are?


This is gonna be a long story. hahahaha In my Introduction post I was able to mentioned the reason behind @asasiklause. This wasn't my initial username in mind but due to some unfortunate circumstances, I ended up using this username. This username is also my username in one of my IG accounts. (Yup, I have 2 IG accounts.) I chose this username because it represents me well as a person. Ever since when we were kids, our parents will always bring us in every travel they have. My father works in the construction and whenever he has projects around our province he will always make time to bring me and my siblings there. I got to travel a lot when I was a kid. It may not be as far as crossing to another country or continent but still we traveled. After graduating highschool my constant moving started. I moved to Dumaguete City and spent two years there and moved again to Roxas City, Capiz stayed there for another two years. After I graduated college, I moved here in Cebu. Even when I was in Cebu already, I kept on moving houses. I started to rent in Cebu City, then moved to Mandaue City then finally settled here in Talisay City. That is in the span of 5 years. When I was still working for the restaurant industry, I always make time to travel and unwind to release some stress and to get out from the busy life of the city. There was a time that I traveled every 2 weeks. Sometimes, I'm in the south part of Cebu, sometimes in the north, sometimes in Dumaguete City, in Siquijor or in Apo Island. Sometimes I'm in my hometown Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. In my work, I don't stay in one restaurant either. I was used to be an Area Manager and then got promoted to Assistant Brand Manager. During those times I'm basically everywhere. You will see me here, next few minutes or hours you can find me somewhere else or if you are unlucky you'll end up asking yourself "asa si Klause?" which translates to "where is Klause?" Due to my unknown location most of the time and due to my multiple get-aways, I ended up with this username. At the same time, I tend to stay away and get lost for a bit because I have come to realize that being present and available all the time can be unhealthy for a person. I have mastered saying no if I have to because my priority is myself and I need to protect myself from anything that doesn't serve me. I don't mind if people will be asking where am I as long as I'm doing it for myself, I'm not worried and they shouldn't too.


Question #2: What can you consider as your biggest failure, how did you overcome it and what lessons can you share with us from that experience?


Wow, this question is deep. This lead me to question my overall existence. I need to dig deep and scour my memories for that biggest failure. hahahaha. In a serious note, my biggest failure would be being too available and present to everyone. I failed and I ended up as a people pleaser and a yes person. As what I've said, I used to work in a restaurant industry. I used to worked a lot. Like a lot that I got disconnected from reality. I have failed in making new relationships and wasn't able to maintain existing relationships. I don't solely blame my work for this because as a person, I'm responsible for my actions however it lead me to where I was that time. This realizations came up to me when I was about to leave my company. I stayed for over 7 years because I was too afraid that the people I'll leave behind will have a hard time recovering from my departure or no one could replace me. But then I realized I need to do it for myself. I should stop feeling sorry for people who doesn't feel sorry for me. I got tired of saying yes to every single thing they asked me to do and started questioning it's importance and urgency. I learned to know my worth, my value, I found my voice, my higher purpose and I started living the life that I wanted to be. If there's a lesson I got from that experience it would be the fact that, no one can be healed in a place where they got broken. Detaching yourself from that environment is the best decision to make.


Question #3: Busy city life or slow-paced provincial life? Explain your choice a little further, please.


hahahaha, @jongcl we actually spoke about this during our "lengthy conversation" during our Hive Meet-Up at @purepinay's place. I am so blessed to be able to experience both lives. I grew up in a small town and moved to a big city. When I was younger I thought that was the goal. Finding a high paying job in the big city and providing for my family. But I didn't know this entails stress, depression, anger management issues and so much mental abuse. It was the main reason why I used to travel on my day-offs. Not only I want to escape the city life but also experience the slow paced life in small towns or less commercialized areas of the province. I don't know if you noticed people from small towns are very easy to please and they are always grateful to whatever you give or do to them. They got used in a chill, laid-back and calm lives which people from the city never got to experience because of the daily hustle and the rush. The first seven months of this year, I lived in Dauin, Negros Oriental.



It's a small municipality 20-30 minutes away from Dumaguete City. I was there for a job. Initially, I thought I would be there for 4 to 5 months but I ended up extending due to the restrictions and lockdowns of the province. In the span of that 7 months I was able to go back here in Cebu twice for some important matters I have to deal with. Everytime I go back to Cebu, I had that feeling of not going back to Dauin but I know that I have to because my friends still need me. I enjoyed living in Dauin. It has so much accessibility to the mountains, waterfalls, springs and beaches. I was able to visit some but I came to realize after months of wandering there, I got used to the chill and laid-back life and at the same time I lost my creativity. Maybe it's me or maybe because I can't find anything more inspiring or motivating to do something artistic. That is when I realized I need to go back to the city. The slow paced provincial life is only good for vacations in my own opinion. It was a great experience but for now I'm definitely into the busy city life. I like to be in a city because there is so much resources and more opportunities of growth. One of the reasons why I moved back in the city is to be here on Hive and be able to extend my knowledge about this platform.



Question #4: How do people in your life describe you and what will the people you have just met remember you as? (example: Will they remember you as shy and timid or funny and loud?)


I'm honestly not good in asking people how they find me as a person or wonder what impression I made towards them. Not that I don't care but their perception towards me is their own judgment, I respect that but it is something I have no control with. But I have some expectations. I would expect people to describe me as helpful or thoughtful. I would like people to remember me as the one who direct to positivity and resolve things with kindness. I hope people will remember me as fun to be with, zero dull moments or someone that has the ability to break the ice in the room. I want people to describe me as someone with a substance in conversations. Though, I could be socially awkward at times and I hope they won't see that I'm being a snob. I want people to remember me as someone who respect their beliefs. I want people to remember me as someone that they could talk to with no judgment.



Question #5: What are your hobbies? constantly being on Hive a hobby? hahahhaha. Before the lockdown started I was already growing my plant collection. My mom is a green thumb and she passed it to me including the cooking skills that none my siblings inherit. hahaha. But due to my sudden move to Negros, I gave away most of my plants. I still have some left so I can still do some gardening. I also like to run/jog/walk. But due to the heavy rains these days I'm stuck at home but I still do yoga. I also like to play badminton but it's been a year since I last played. I like listening to music and sometimes sing-along to it like no one else is listening. I like hiking to the mountains and visit new places. I have so many hobbies that it became part of my lifestyle and it became normal to my daily life.






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In this part of the blog I will answer the obligatory questions of the Creative Blogger Tag

Obligatory Question #1: How Would You Add Value to Hive?


It would seem that this question have no right or wrong answer, The best thing I can do to add value to HIVE is by simply engaging to the people here. I believe that I should be genuine in all my posts and in all my comments. I need to be responsible in the things, thoughts, ideas and recommendations that I post and share. I will continuously share posts that are worthy to read, informative, inspiring and most importantly a blog post coming from a place of kindness for the community.


Obligatory Question #2: How would you make Hive a better place?
Sound so simple but seems complex. As a person who have been in Hive for more than 2 months there are few things I could do to make this a better place:

1.See this platform as a community and not a money machine. Yes, it's nice to know we can earn from our posts and it helped us in so many ways but as we all know, "Money is the root of all evil." and if I focus on that, I don't think it would be better for me or to the plaform.

2.Create meaningful and family-oriented communities. The reason why I fell in love with Hive is because of the love and support I get from @explorewithsasha , @sassycebuana and most importantly from @purepinay. We all came from different walks of life and backgrounds but these strong and beautiful ladies managed to gather different people, place them in one room and make them feel like they are family. The leadership they've shown is something I would always look-up to. They created a community that I'm inspired to make my own based on what they have put-up.


3.Invite more creative, passionate, kind and goal-oriented individuals in Hive. I believe that Hive is big enough for more creators and it would be great for them to be given a platform that they could express themselves freely. I want them to give a platform where they can share their projects and be given the right recognition and value it deserves.

4.Spread kindness and positivity. The social media platforms where we used to spend our time have so much hate and drama already that I want to quit it and stay permanently here on Hive. The last thing I want to do here is to be someone who fan out bad vibes, negativity and hidden agendas. The real world have so much of it already. Let's make Hive a world where we all deserve to live and enjoy.




That's it for now guys. This has been a fun way to stir up my brain for a moment. Thank you so much @jongcl for tagging me and make me reminisce and reflect in so many things. Now it's my turn to tag other creative Hive bloggers to answer my FIVE Questions.

I would like to tag the following hivers:
@thegoodbi (anyone from you guys could answer or you can do seperate posts ahhahahha. up to you)

I tagged you guys because it would be nice to know you better and it's a great way for you to know others as well.

Question #1: What keeps you going here on Hive?
Question #2: How happy are you in the career/course you chose?
Question #3: What are the things you wish you knew earlier?
Question #4: If you could go back in time, where do you want to be and why?
Question #5: What is your zodiac sign and what do you know about it?

You may download the free templates below, get creative as you edit your own photos and details on them, and feel free to use any of the following photos in your post or in the spirit of creativity, you can also make your own templates and have the ones you tagged make use of the templates you created. There is so much space for creativity so the sky is not the limit, yes? Let's go, Hivers!

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Here is the Canva link so you can edit this template!

Post your blog in any community that you think is the best fit for your content. Please use the #creativebloggertag in your post. Thank you.

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DISCLOSURE: Some of the texts and posters in this blog is from @jongcl's post. Some of the photos were from @gerel's and @itsmiessyonpeakd's camera.