If there is one thing I looked forward to every year, it's the avocado season. Here in the Philippines, avocado season starts as early as May and ends around September. Even before I turned vegan, avocado is something that I love but my love for it went into a different level when I went plant-based. Social media played a huge role in my fascination in avocado dishes. The fact that you make almost anything with avocado such as smoothies, shakes, salads, wraps, burgers and my favorite, toasts.

You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one of the best thing you can make quick and easy is Avocado Toast. In this blog I will share to you different ideas to make your breakfast healthier, fun and filling.

Aside from getting a perfectly ripe avocado you also need a great bread to carry all the toppings of your toast. I highly recommend getting focaccia, ciabatta or sourdough but honestly any bread you have in your pantry will do. Here are the things and ingredients you will need for a basic Avocado Toast;

-ripe avocado
-small diced red onion
-garlic powder (optional)
-chili flakes
-small diced tomatoes
-toasted sesame seeds (optional)
-calamansi and lemon

-toast your bread in a non-stick pan. you can also rub garlic in your toast if you prefer.
-scoop your avocado and put in a mixing bowl then add the red onion,tomatoes, chili flakes and a squeeze of lemon or calamansi. (add the garlic powder if available)
-mix it all together
-put your toasts in a plate and scoop your avocado mixture and put in on top of the bread.
-sprinkle some toasted sesame and/or chili flakes.
Note: You can add or lessen the ingredients based on your preference.

You can always have fun in making your avocado toasts and add more toppings into it, here are some ideas.

Top your Avocado toast with spiced chickpeas. Drained a can of chickpeas saute it in a pan and add some cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika and coriander. If you prefer simple, just add onion and garlic instead of the mentioned spices.

If you want something simple, just add few slices of tomatoes on top of your toast.

Do you prefer something savory? Sautee some pieces of mushrooms with onions and garlic and add some soysauce or hoisin sauce.

Add a little sweetness by adding some candied walnuts and chia seeds to your toasts.

There is so much joy in eating especially when you make it yourself. Making your own food should be fun and make you more creative. I hope you'll be able to make one of these toasts or get inspired in making a healthy, fun and filling meal. Don't forget to tag me when you make one.